Newt Announces Deployment of Self-Service Kiosks in Chedraui Stores in Mexico

March 15, 2021 – Toronto, Ontario – Newt Corporation (“Newt” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the start of a large-scale nationwide deployment of Self-Service Kiosks in Chedraui retail stores throughout Mexico.

The first 20 Newt kiosks have been deployed in Chedraui stores in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, as the first stage of deployment.

Chedraui is a publicly traded third largest Mexican multi-format retailer, with operations in Mexico and the United States. It operates 330 retail outlets across 20 Mexican states, and over 50 retail stores in Southwestern United States, primarily in California, Nevada and Arizona, under the brand name El Super.

Customers of Chedraui will now be able to use Newt’s state-of-the-art kiosks to benefit from over 1,000 services, including mobile airtime top-ups, bill and utility payments, such as electricity, gas, water, road toll prepayment, as well as state and municipal government payments. Most importantly, kiosks will expedite the flow of customers by reducing lines, while at the same time selling additional products and simplifying payments in a contactless environment. In the near future, Newt plans to enable its kiosks with crypto and bitcoin payment capabilities.

Mexico City and its adjacent State of Mexico have the population of over 27 million people, making them one of the largest metropolitan areas worldwide. Mexico is now embracing fintech solutions to outreach to the unbanked population, in line with the current administration goals of social inclusion and providing banking services for the unbanked.

Sergio Maya, CEO of Newt Latin America of Newt, commented: “This is a great start for the kiosk supply relationship between Newt and Chedraui. We specifically selected the highest traffic locations, offering us the greatest customer exposure and a unique opportunity to measure and analyze customer behavior, in order to allow Newt to tailor its kiosks to provide the best possible user experience.” He further added: “Newt’s kiosks have taken a substantial amount of time and technical expertise to develop. The current deployment features all the upgrades necessary to offer the best possible product. Kiosk terminals have been modified to offer even more ease of use, durability and reliability. We will learn a lot about the needs of Chedraui and their final users through this deployment. This will further allow Newt to adjust and improve our services and user interface as part of our continuous improvement strategy.”

About Chedraui

Chedraui is a publicly traded Mexican grocery store and department store chain, which also operates stores in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada under the name El Super. It is traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the symbol CHEDRAUI.
Chedraui is Mexico’s third-largest retailer (after Walmart and Soriana). The supermarket giant sells groceries, apparel, and non-perishable items in 330 stores.
The California operations began in 1997, later expanded to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The stores there are branded El Super, and operated by Grupo Chedraui’s Bodega Latina Corporation, headquartered in Paramount, CA. In 2018, Bodega Latina acquired Fiesta Mart in Texas.

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About Newt

Newt Corporation is a Canadian Company with subsidiaries in USA, Luxembourg & Mexico, currently delivering state-of-the-art digital payment services to consumers and service providers where 60% of the adult population does not have a bank account and where 80% of personal payments are made in cash. It currently provides Saas Software solutions within the Fintech Software Solutions Services, primarily focused on B2B such as Retail, Institutions and SME’s providing services to employees and the unbanked market.

Utilizing its developed SaaS technologies software and integrated partners, Newt can provide institutions, merchants, technology for solving KYC, AML, Mobile wallet, cashless mobile payment, bill payment, digital prepaid products, and other services for transactions on mobile devices, web and at Merchant Point of Sales.
Newt’s SaaS solutions, users and businesses can take away complex capabilities of transacting in the digital world, making payments, receiving funds, accepting bill payments at point of sales, thus allowing merchants a quick and seamless one-stop shop, for a more secure and efficient provider. It is currently launching its own operated network of self service kiosks and applications that are designed to provide more convenient payment alternatives for consumers and more efficient billing for service providers.

Newt’s current SaaS platform is utilized by clients throughout North America & Latin America. Recently top enterprises and SME’s are choosing Newt as their single service provider for Payment solutions. Newt envisions providing a next generation of technologies in a complete Services agreement. The company’s platform has been designed from the ground up for modern digital transfers with an ecosystem with full configurability, open API integration and enhanced value-added services.

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